Why You Should Get a Funeral Plan

Once someone has passed away, they are blissfully unaware of what they leave behind, including the expense of their funeral. That’s why a funeral plan makes good sense for those left behind.

No one likes to think about death, and so many families are left with huge bills to pay after a loved one dies. They could also end up in debt trying to give their loved one a good send-off. The Funeral Directors Association estimated that it cost around $6,560 for a funeral in 2010 and this had gone up to $7,181 in 2015.

Planning a funeral is a way to ensure that relatives or friends don’t struggle financially at such a time. It also means that the individual who has taken out the plan can choose all the details of their ceremony the way they would want it.

What is a Funeral Plan?

A funeral plan is either a trust fund or an insurance policy which will cover the total cost of a funeral. The person either pays a one-off payment of several hundred dollars or they can choose to pay in installments for a modest monthly fee. There are plans available for an affordable funeral in the Layton area to help residents get the send-off they want for the price they can afford.

What is Included in a Funeral Plan?

Funeral plans vary according to the provider and how much the person pays. Most will cover the following:

1. Care of the body in a funeral home;
2. Funerary materials, such as caskets, urns, flowers, headstones;
3. Transportation in a hearse from the funeral home to the church or crematorium;
4. The funeral service itself and any cremation or burial costs.

There may be extra charges for the plot of land, although some ‘eco’ funeral plans include the choice of woodland or meadow plots as a final resting place. The beauty of having a funeral plan is that you choose how to say goodbye to this world, and it can be as simple or elaborate as you can afford.

Funerals are a fact of life, yet they end up costing grieving relatives thousands of dollars. Many families cannot afford a decent burial for their loved ones. Taking out a funeral plan is one way to ensure that you’ve prepared for Eternity without causing additional strain to your family.

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