What You Need to Know About Medication Assistance Programs

The high cost of prescribed drugs is one of the reasons why a lot of people prefer not to take medication. However, lack of money need not prohibit you from purchasing the medication you need. According to The Rx Solution, there are medication assistance programs for low-income individuals that allow them to buy medicines at a discount, or even get them for free.

Don’t Hesitate Asking Your Doctor

You can inquire with your doctor or your neighborhood pharmacist about these programs. These programs, either public or private, provide discounted or no-cost medicines. An individual’s age and income are the usual determinants of whether one can receive these free or discounted medications. At times, you’ll need your doctor to apply for these programs on your behalf.

Know the Requirements

A few programs would require individuals to name the specific prescription medication they are taking. They will need you to specify the drug’s name as well as the particular dose or size of the pill.

Some programs require a person’s monthly income or yearly gross income as well as one’s state of residence.

Know the Programs

Patient assistance programs operated by pharmaceutical companies require individuals to fill up an application and mail them to the drug company. The individual must indicate their financial situation. The drug company will then advise the person of his or her eligibility. Once approved, the drug will be shipped directly to the person’s home.

Other programs offered by the state focus on the disabled, elderly or those in dire financial need. Non-profit groups also run medication assistance programs. Drug discount cards are also available, with some offered at no cost.

Do not fear the paperwork you need to fill out for various programs. You can ask various groups to help you through the entire application process.

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