Tips on Maintaining Your Dentures to Keep Them in Tip-Top Shape

You won’t get the best out of your dentures if you don’t take care of them appropriately. Proper denture upkeep is essential for both the quality of your appliances and your dental health. When getting dentures in South Bend, Indiana, your dentist may recommend the following denture care tips:

Handle dentures carefully

Place a folded towel on the counter or fill the sink with water so that your dentures don’t break if you accidentally drop them. Make sure you don’t bend or damage the appliances’ plastics or clasps when cleaning.

Brush and rinse your dentures daily

Daily brushing eliminates food and plaque and prevents staining. Remove and gently brush the surfaces of your dentures with a soft-bristled brush and a cleanser. In between brushings, rinse your dentures after each meal.

Clean it with a mild denture cleaner

You can use mild dishwashing liquid or hand soap to clean your dentures. Avoid using toothpaste and household cleaners. Abrasive toothpaste may create microscopic scratches on dentures. Food and plaque can accumulate on these scratches. Bleach may weaken and change the color of your dentures.

Soak your dentures overnight

Keeping dentures moist helps them to keep their shape. You should place your appliances in water or a soaking solution overnight. Your dentist can recommend a suitable solution for you.

Schedule regular dental visits

Dentures require routine professional examination and cleaning. On the day you got your dentures, your dentist may have recommended how often to visit. Follow the recommended checkups schedule. Also, see a dental professional promptly if your dentures break, crack, chip or become loose.

Follow your dentist’s guidelines on denture cleaning and storage. Also, visit your dentist regularly and whenever you notice or suspect a problem with your mouth or appliances.

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