Reasons to Go Private: Private vs NHS Dentists

Private DentistThe National Health Service or NHS offers affordable dental treatment for UK residents. The NHS offers quite a wide array of dental treatments, including braces and dentures. There would seem to be no reason to go to private dentists in Soho

However, there are a few reasons to get private dental care, instead.

Cost of services

The NHS categorises dental treatments into bands. Band 1 is for routine check-ups, diagnosis, cleaning and X-rays, for which you pay £19.70. If you need dental fillings, extractions, or a root canal, you move to Band 2, which costs £53.90. Dentures, crowns, and bridges bring you up to Band 3, which costs £233.70. These are very reasonable charges, especially if you consider you only pay once based on the ultimate treatment. For example, if you need dentures, you only pay £233.70, even if you had X-rays and extractions done in preparation for the dentures.

When you go to a private dentist, the minimum you will pay is £25 for a checkup, and you pay whatever the dentist is charging for each treatment. You bill could easily run into the hundreds for dentures.


However, the problem with NHS treatments is the wait list. As you can imagine, there is usually a long queue for NHS services. It could take months before you can get an appointment. That is, if you find an NHS dentist accepting new patients. In addition, all NHS treatments have to be medically necessary. If you want dentures simply for aesthetic purposes, you may not qualify for NHS service. Even if you qualify for NHS, you cannot choose the materials the dentist will use.

When you get the same treatment from a private dentist, you can simply walk in or schedule an appointment at your convenience. You can ask for any treatment even if it is not medically necessary. In addition, you have options on the materials used.

The NHS provides affordable treatment, but you have to wait for a long time. You also have to accept standard treatments, and they have to be medically necessary. With a private dentist, you pay more but you have total control over your treatment. For most people, that is worth the price of private dentist.

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