Keeping Up with Appearances: Blokes Fret with Looks Too, Apparently

Blokes Fret with Looks TooWho said women are the only ones concerned with their appearance?

According to The Sun, studies show that the average bloke spends at least 30 minutes EVERY DAY worrying about their physical appearance. From bald patches to beer bellies, most men use half an hour daily fussing over their look.

Researchers took the time to understand every man’s desire to get thinner, as well as their regular visits to UK clinics for hair transplants.

More About the Study: The Statistics

Half of the respondents in a study involving 2,000 male participants are not happy with their appearance; 48 per cent admitted to suffering from hair loss. The research also highlighted the other worries men have when it comes to their looks, with weight gain placing second to hair loss.

The study also reveals that annually men spend 20 hours worrying about their weight, and two days bothering with their hair line.

While women do take longer to dress up, the average guy spends at least 14 minutes to get ready for the day and 2.5 hours to worry about their clothes.

What the Study Reveals

Just like women, men also take their time assessing their overall appearance and exerting effort to address ‘problem’ areas. The worry stems from wanting to live up to expectations.

Society has sculpted an image of the supposed ‘ideal’ man: toned and muscular bodies, a head full of hair and chiselled facial features. Men wish to achieve this standard to improve social relations and take their career paths up a notch.

Women are not the only ones concerned with their waist size or their locks. Studies show that men share the same worries and try to address areas for improvement within 30 minutes – a shorter time span compared to a girl’s daily routine.

Still, they are on the same page. 

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