Is your life compromised by missing teeth?

Losing your teeth is inconvenient and can look unsightly but did you know that it has also been linked to poor nutrition as well as systemic diseases such as diabetes and coronary heart disease? On a day to day level you may feel self-conscious about your appearance or speech but you may also like to consider teeth restoration for your broader wellbeing. Restricting your diet not only undermines your quality of life but has a negative impact on the range of nutrients you obtain from your diet. Dentures and bridges are not suitable for many people because they can be uncomfortable, difficult to get used to or awkward to clean but luckily there is now a viable alternative.

A permanent solution

Smylife in Manchester fits dental implants and finds that they offer a great solution for people with missing teeth who are worried about removable appliances. They can be used to replace a single tooth, several teeth or a whole set so can suit everyone. The implants are a small titanium screw which is inserted into the jaw during a minor operation. The bones and blood vessels of the jaw mesh around the implant, usually in between six and eight weeks, stabilising it and ensuring that it stays in place. When it is secure, it is used as a base for crowns, dentures or bridges. Your new teeth are custom made to match the tone and appearance of your teeth for a natural look.

What are the benefits?

With the correct attention, your implants can last for several decades, so they are a long-term restoration. There are also many other advantages of having dental implants. They are more natural looking, stable and comfortable than dentures so you can eat your favourite foods again, speak easily and smile with confidence. They also improve the health of the jaw as they act in the same way as the root of a natural tooth. This stimulates the bone and tissues and prevents loss of tissue which can happen when missing teeth are replaced in other ways.

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