How Veneers Help Your Teeth in So Many Ways

Much thanks to the innovations in the oral health care industry, everyone can now boast of a beautiful smile. From whitening to aligning, you have many options to change the appearance – and more importantly the health – of your teeth.

Transforming one’s smile has become easier and more achievable with the various cosmetic dentistry treatments available today. And for many people, dental veneers in London provide them with a great, long-lasting means to enhance not just the appearance of their teeth, but also their overall oral health.

A solution to a smile requiring more than just a slight colour shift

Tooth whitening has risen in popularity for its effectiveness in combating, even eliminating stains and discolouration of teeth. However, there are cases wherein a patient’s teeth require more than what this procedure can handle.

With veneers, you will experience a dramatic and immediate makeover not just in the colour of your teeth, but also its shape and size. Aside from reducing the unsightly appearance of permanent discolouration, its reshaping and resizing properties make it an ideal solution to gaps between the teeth.

This is also true for damaged (chipped, broken, or cracked), crooked, or misshaped teeth.

Natural looking teeth impervious to staining

Veneers and properly carried out teeth whitening procedures have similar results: they give the teeth a glowing, naturally white looking appearance. However, veneers have a huge advantage over traditional teeth whitening treatments: the former resists staining.

And while it may take a long time for staining to occur with cosmetically whitened teeth, this advantage that veneers have over whitening treatments allow for a longer-lasting investment. Also, veneers do not just give the teeth a natural white colour; the entire appliance looks and feels like your normal, permanent teeth.

All in all, with correctly carried out and applied dental veneers designed to serve as a quick correction of physical tooth ailments, you will soon have that prettier, more radiant, natural, and bright smile.

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