Here’s a Recap of Plastic Surgery Trends in 2017

Most of you probably know that body lifts to address skin sagging due to weight loss became wildly popular this year, but did you know that there are also other cosmetic surgery trends that flew completely under the radar in 2017? Here are some of these procedures that the industry saw an increase in demand this year:


Facial plastic surgeons in Beverly Hills saw a rise in dimplectomies this year. Allure Aesthetic Surgery of Beverly Hills is a clinic where anyone can undergo this simple procedure.

Though viewed by medical professionals as an abnormality, dimples, as we all know, can add so much character to someone’s smile. With selfies becoming the norm in social media, those in the know believe that dimple creation procedures, would continue to surge in popularity.

Labia fillers

Labias come in different shapes and sizes, but more and more women are taking it upon themselves to alter their labias according to their ideal look. Labiaplasty was proclaimed as one of the most requested procedures in 2016, according to a survey done by the American Society of Plastic Surgeons (ASPS). According to ASPS, the procedure was done 12,000 times in 2016, reflecting a 39 percent increase.

Larger breasts

It was all about achieving small, athletic or natural-looking breasts last year. But 2017 is all about having a bigger set. It seems that more women are coming back to enhancing their breasts, and a quick browse on Instagram would show you that women are embracing a curvier, fuller look.

Beverly Hills is replete with highly accredited and renowned facilities that offer a range of cosmetic procedures, from simple ones such as rhinoplasty and non-surgical facial rejuvenation to complex reconstructive surgery procedures. By going to the right clinic, you too can achieve the look you’ve always dreamed of.

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