Get Your Smile Back: Replace Missing Tooth Immediately

Losing a permanent tooth can be very distressing. Not only does it ruin your smile, but it also gives rise to numerous potential oral and even health problems.   However, with a wide array of treatments and procedures designed to counter the effects of tooth loss, you no longer have to worry about a missing tooth ruining your smile. As such, it is important you know of the things that can happen when you leave your missing tooth un-replaced. Knowing the risks can help you understand the importance of seeking treatment as soon as possible.

Movement of the Remaining Teeth

Leaving your teeth with gaps can make your remaining teeth move. This situation can result in even more gaps between your teeth. If this has happened to you, a good option is to get Invisalign from a licensed dentist in Hertfordshire. It can bring your teeth back together, eliminating the spaces in between your teeth.   You should also consider investing in high-quality dental implants, which can prevent the unnecessary movement in the first place. These are also the best form of tooth replacement available today, as they look and function just like permanent adult teeth.

Altered Facial Appearance

The most obvious consequence of losing a tooth is that your face can change due to the altered structure of your teeth and jaw bone. A lost tooth, especially one near the front, can make you look older because the bone loses its structure. Bone recession after tooth loss is responsible for giving people decreased chin projection and a lack of jawline definition.

Bone Loss

The worst possible consequence of missing tooth, jawbone loss can occur when you let too much time pass without replacing the lost tooth. The lack of a tooth in the gums causes them to recede; the bones also start to lose their density and start to recede. Furthermore, once this bone loses its structure, you can no longer reverse the damage.   Find the right dentist as early as possible who can provide you with the most appropriate orthodontic solution for your tooth loss.

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