Exploring the Great Outdoors: Essential Gears for XTV Riders

Safety HelmetThe majority of outdoorsmen choose not to wear their helmets when they ride their XTVs. Despite your experience or confidence, helmets are still one of the essential gears for XTV riders. Shank’s Argo notes that experienced and newbies alike need safety gear products once they get their very own vehicle from an ARGO XTV dealer. Once you hit the trail, you better equip yourself with the following:

Helmet and Goggles

A helmet is probably the most obvious safety gear an XTV rider needs, but it is also one of the items that are taken for granted. Don’t risk your own safety because of your own ignorance – always wear your helmet.

Meanwhile, you also need goggles to protect your eyes. Whenever you’re driving at 30 mph, a tiny rock or a flying insect can cause severe damage to your eyes. Driving with an eye injury will be even more lethal as you could lose control of the vehicle and get yourself hurt.

Long Sleeves and Gloves

Whenever you’re cruising without a care in the world, you’ll barely notice the tree branches that reach into your vehicle. This is even dangerous if it happens to grab your arms while you are on the trail because thorn bushes are painful. Moreover, you also have to look out for insects, such as spiders and bees that are in your way. Long sleeves will protect you from insect bites, bee stings and tree scratches.

On the other hand, a trusty pair of gloves can help you keep a good grip on the stirring wheel. Your gloves easily shed branches on the trail, so you’ll still have total control of the steering wheel that is keeping you safe from harm. Besides, you’ll be thankful that you have your gloves on the off-chance the vehicle needs repair and you have to do it yourself.

It doesn’t matter if you think that you’ll look cooler without those safety gears because it won’t be cool once you get into an accident. As with any vehicle, it is essential that you prioritize your own safety first.

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