Diabetes: Looking After Your Feet

If you’re suffering from diabetes, you’re likely to develop foot problems that may lead to amputations. Fortunately, this is highly preventable by inspecting your feet regularly and knowing how to take care of them. Apart from managing your condition with proper diet and healthy habits, it pays to know some tips for daily foot care.

Have your feet checked

A foot care doctor or a podiatrist should inspect your feet at least once a year. You should, however, check them too for pain and irregularities. If you notice problems, don’t wait an entire year to get them checked and see a podiatrist a soon as possible.

Inspect your feet daily

Foot problems can aggravate quickly with diabetes. Look for changes and take note of the difficulties you have when lifting your feet, as well as loss of sensation. You should learn how to do this or get someone to do it for you. Foot care doctors in Salt Lake City note that you should talk to an expert for tips on inspecting your feet at home.

Be careful when cutting your nails

While this task is fairly easy, you should watch out if you have diabetes. When trimming your toenails, cut them straight across and not down the side. You can use an emery board to file the corner and a nail brush in cleaning them gently. You should also wash your feet daily to prevent any infection.

Buy proper fitting footwear

This means having shoes, socks, or stockings that are comfortable and not too tight. Note that ill-fitting shoes can cause foot problems or aggravate them. If you have concerns about the best fit or style, talk to a podiatrist for advice.

Dry and moisturize feet

Always sure that your feet are dry, especially between the toes. This is because infections are more likely to develop in moist areas. You should also moisturize the skin on your feet that feels rough, but don’t use any cream, oil, or lotion between the toes.

Follow these tips and learn more about how you can take better care of your feet. Controlling your blood sugar, stopping smoking, and other healthy habits can benefit both your feet and overall health.

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