Dental implants: changing the way people think about tooth loss

With dental implants, tooth loss isn’t the end of the world. Usually, when a tooth is lost so is the stimulation to the jawbone. The jawbone needs stimulation from tooth roots to remain in shape and healthy. Surrounding teeth can also drift into the gap left by lost teeth and become loose.

Practices like Old Windsor Dental Practice offer dental implants in Windsor to combat these problems. Implants act as artificial tooth roots that can provide the stimulation the jawbone needs while supporting a wide range of tooth replacement options.

How many teeth can be replaced by implants?

In Windsor, dental implants can replace any number of missing teeth. Implants don’t need to be placed for every single missing tooth. If there are two or even three teeth missing in a row, then a single implant can support a bridge to fill the gap.

The number of teeth an implant can support depends on the density of bone at the point of insertion.

Implants can last the patient a lifetime as long as they are looked after properly. To look after implants patients must simply treat them as a natural tooth and follow their regular oral hygiene routine.

Dental implant procedure

Before treatment is settled upon the dentist will need to plan the procedure thoroughly to ensure the implant surgery is effective.

To have dental implants in Windsor, patients need to undergo a minor surgical procedure. This procedure is to create a hole in the patient’s jawbone. The implant needs as much contact with the bone as possible to encourage integration. Over time the jawbone will grow blood vessels and bone around the implant. One the implant has healed a replacement tooth can be fitted.

Supporting dentures with dental implants in Windsor

One great application of dental implants is to support dentures. Dentures can be notoriously uncomfortable and become loose and worn out after a few years. Implants can be used to anchor the dentures in place. This means no more taking dentures out to clean, no more avoiding chewy or crunchy foods, and no more need to worry about them slipping out or causing speech to slur.

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