The BOLD Coalition is comprised of community volunteers, agency representatives, educators, city government, and school representatives that aim to raise awareness against substance use and addiction among the youth of the Fall River community. We conduct various educational and training activities to assist our volunteers and their colleagues in the prevention of drug abuse cases among children and adolescents. Here are a few of our projects for your reference:

Information Campaigns

By launching media campaigns and increasing the availability of prevention materials in clinics, schools, and health centers, we at the BOLD Coalition can share knowledge about the dangers of marijuana, alcohol and prescription drugs.

Training for Medical Workers

We routinely offer doctors, prescribers, social workers, and mental health providers training regarding the risks, recognition and treatment options for prescription medication abusers. There is also an annual meeting dedicated to tackling current topics regarding substance abuse within the community.

Training for Alcohol Selling or Serving Establishments

Businesses in Fall River that offer liquor products may acquire certification through our 21 Proof program, where vendors undergo a responsible beverage server training designed to prevent the sale of alcohol to underage youth.

Treatment and Rehabilitation

The BOLD Coalition works with the Fall River Juvenile Court to establish a Reclaiming Futures program that helps rehabilitate young substance abusers. We also offer a year-round arts program for at-risk youth at called YEAH! (Youth Experiencing Artistic Hope).

If you or your organization are interested in the cause and wish to participate in one of our projects or collaborate on organizing a new one, you may reach us through our contact form.

We hope to hear from you soon!