Causes Of Decreased Productivity At Work

America spends trillions of dollars annually in incurred costs due to absenteeism. Illness and disability rank high among causes of employees missing days at work. This consequently means more money going into compensation and reduced productivity. Here are some of the main reasons for lack of productivity at work.

Neck and back pains

Owing to long hours spent seated or standing the body starts to inhibit signs of distress. These signs include body aches with neck and back pains being the most common. Many seek professional services, such as, on pain relief massage therapy in Salt Lake City. The company is left to chuck out a good amount of cash going towards compensation fees.

Stress and low motivation

The pressure to meet deadlines and work overload weigh heavily on many employees. It leads to workers feeling overworked and less willing to give their best at work. Many turn to poor habits like smoking and alcoholism to help relieve the stress. These habits when overdone can often lead to absenteeism at work.

Anxiety from victimization

In a relatively competitive work environment, workers result in bullying and harassment of fellow workers as ways to intimidate and maintain the upper hand. The victims develop anxiety and often call in sick or look for excuses to keep them away from work. Any kind of victimization should, however, be discouraged and the perpetrators punished.

Accidents and illnesses

Employees calling in sick or missing work after an accident are the leading reasons behind absenteeism. It may be true but most times it is purported. Of importance, however, is that accidents that happen as a result of the nature of the job should be taken seriously and be promptly addressed.

Managers and company heads are responsible for maintaining a healthy working environment for their workers. This creates a chain reaction that results in motivated workers and increased profits.

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