Brisbane’s Powerhouse: What’s On and What to Expect

Brisbane's PowerhouseIf you're planning a trip to Queensland anytime soon, do consider visiting Brisbane's Powerhouse for a day of recreation, artistry and a healthy dose of Australian culture. If you have kids, all the more should you visit with them for an unforgettable educational experience. Find out more about this venue's brilliant offerings:

Extensive Events – They offer activities, shows and festivals that fit the traditional and modern, young and old, and the standard and eclectic thinkers. There are artistic workshops for kids aged zero to five years, along with exhibits, concerts and comedy shows for the adults. Currently, the Brisbane Comedy Festival is already scheduled along with other events for early 2017.

Private Functions – If your company or family is planning to have its own party, then the Powerhouse is a good place to celebrate it. Whether it's a formal sales seminar or an annual family reunion, this event venue can create the right atmosphere, set up the proper requirements and offer the ideal menu that will fit your requirements. Brisbane Powerhouse says that you can even schedule your function to coincide with what's on in Brisbane's Powerhouse box office to give your guests an evening treat after your event.

Unique Features – How unique is it to convert a pre-war power station into a cultural events hub? Moreover, there's nothing ordinary with any of the shows and productions presented at the Powerhouse. All are for providing a distinctive line-up of films, cultural presentations, displays and activities meant to give glory to local talents and artists. They even have a new farm park where you can enjoy nature, along with special in-house bars and restaurants.

Whether you go alone, with friends or family, there will always be something fitted for you and your artistic preferences. It doesn't matter whether you want a lot of laughs or a silent night alone with your thoughts. After all, it's not called the Powerhouse for nothing.

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