After Procedure: Dental Implants and How You Can Manage the Pain

People undergo dental implant treatment for different reasons. Some would want to restore their great smile, while others need it for medical purposes. Regardless of why you need to have them, undergoing this procedure can put you in a state of discomfort and pain.

Once the anaesthesia wears off, there is pretty much nothing you can do but bear with the pain. This is a wrong belief, though. There are dentist-recommended home remedies you can do to ease the pain. For example, your dentist in Shrewsbury would surely approve of these home remedies to ease your tooth implant pain:

 1. Ice pack

Place an ice pack or frozen vegetable packs on the side of your cheek where you had your implants done to relieve swelling and alleviate pain. The coldness of the pack will make your cheeks numb to the pain.

2. Salt solution

Gargle with salt and water solution to keep your mouth clean naturally. Constant gargling can help relieve the pain, as well.

3. Tea bag

Your dentist will tell you to bite on a gauze after the procedure to control bleeding. When the gauze is filled with blood, bite on a used tea bag instead. Natural tea properties can help reduce bleeding and pain from the procedure.

4. Ice cream

The upside of getting dental implants is you have a reason to skip your diet and splurge on ice cream. The cold sensation helps numb the nerves in your mouth and relieve the pain. Do not forget to keep your mouth clean after eating sweets, though. Gargle and brush afterwards.

5. OTC medication

People respond to pain differently. If yours is too much to handle, head on to your local pharmacy and request for over the counter pain relievers to help you manage the pain.

Despite having these remedies to help ease the pain, do not forget to consult your dentist if there are abnormalities of concern after your procedure.

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