4 Indicators That You Need an Eye Checkup

Today, we can correct most eye problems if discovered early. An immediate response allows you to continue your daily routines, helping prevent further deterioration of your eyesight. As such, if you suspect of having vision problems, contact an eye doctor as soon as possible. That said, read on to get more insights on eyesight problems that call the immediate attention of an optician.

1. Squinting

You squeeze your eyes to get a better vision of objects. This habit originates from having a differently shaped cornea, lens or eyeballs. This physical malformation blocks light from entering into the eye, resulting in blurry vision. By squinting, you reduce the curvature of light, which increases clarity.

2. Double vision

This eyesight problem arises from seeing double images of one subject. Cataracts, astigmatism or unevenly shaped cornea causes double vision. This can affect one or both eyes. Seeking immediate medical attention can help correct this condition and improve your eyesight.

3. Night blindness

You’ll likely have this condition if you have trouble seeing anything in a dark room or seeing at night. The sickness worsens if you find yourself continuously exposed to an inconsistently lit area. Causes of Night blindness include the use of some medications, lack of vitamin A, nearsightedness or cataracts.

4. Glares

This occurs when your pupils find it difficult to allow light to pass through. A symptom is you seeing a blurry, overexposed subject. Such a scenario is typical during the daytime. Cataracts, farsightedness, nearsightedness or presbyopia are often culprits that trigger this condition.

The above situations highlight that you need to visit an eye clinic in Maple Grove. That way, you will have your situation corrected through either eyewear or invasive eye surgery.

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