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What is BOLD?
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BOLD is a substance abuse prevention coalition comprised of community volunteers, agency representatives, educators, city government, school representatives and youth. We are all working together to create a healthy community for our young people .We use evidence-based programs and practices to accomplish our objectives. We currently have several subcommittees and an Advisory Board. The Advisory Board is made up of the Chair and Vice-Chair of the Coalition as well as representatives from key sectors in the community.

  • Advisory Board - There are seven people on the advisory board which will function as a steering committee and meet monthly.
    Chairperson of BOLD: Tom Pasternak
    Vice-Chair of BOLD: Jasiel Correia II
    Youth Representative: Mario DoRego
    David Weed
    Sergeant Jim Smith
    Marilyn Edge

  • Mission/Vision - This subcommittee creates and modifies the strategic plan, ensures that the Coalition's activities are in line with the plan, and leads the Coalition on specific projects.

  • Health Care/Medical – Addresses prescription drug abuse in the community collaborating with hospitals and other local service providers. Tom Pasternak, Brittany Lynch, Kerry Mello, Susan Oldrid and Rebecca Carney serve on this committee.

  • Events Planning - This group works to plan and organize BOLD's events in the community.

  • BOLD Communications - This subcommittee creates the Coalition's messages and uses all media to market BOLD, our goals and objectives to the community, as well as to increase community participation in our work. David Weed and Janet Shartle currently serve on this committee.

  • TADA! (Teens Against Drug Abuse) - This is a youth-led group that tackles the issues of substance use and abuse in our schools and community. TADA also works to raise community awareness through policy change and advocacy. This group is coordinated through the Youth Program Director, Mike Aguiar.

  • Communities Mobilizing for Change on Alcohol - Communities Mobilizing for Change on Alcohol (CMCA) is a community-organizing program designed to reduce adolescents’ (13 to 20 years of age) access to alcohol by changing community policies and practices. It seeks both to effectively limit the access to alcohol of people under legal drinking age and to communicate a clear message to the community that underage drinking is inappropriate and unacceptable. Mike Aguiar, Marilyn Edge and Carol Constantine serve on this committee.

  • YEAH – Youth Experiencing Artistic Hope is a youth initiative whose mission is to stimulate, educate and engage youth in the many diverse forms of art in an effort to actively create opportunities that will inspire youth to realize their potential. Susan Wolfson, Janet Shartle and Ryan Kennedy serve on this committee.

  • Schools – is a committee which collaborates with area school districts to achieve the BOLD Coalition vision to maintain a healthy community for the youth of Greater Fall River. Members of this committee are: Margaret LaFleur, Jenna Lagasse, Marcia Picard and Marilyn Roderick.

Please join one of our committees to help us reduce youth substance abuse. The BOLD Coalition is looking for committed volunteers to help us create a healthy community. For more information about the BOLD Coalition and the Fall River Community visit

www.MyFallRiver.org anyone can access information about events and resources in Fall River they but can also add their own blogs, bulletin board information, calendar items or resource guide entry.

www.FallRiverYOUthZone.com The site helps the youth connect to youth leadership groups, job opportunities, scholarships, volunteering, places that are youth friendly and an avenue to voice their ideas, concerns and thoughts on any topic.

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